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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

French Fries (Pommes Frites)

Pommes Frites
(French Fried Potatoes)
This recipe is adapted from Julia Child's book From Julia's Kitchen. She starts by saying that home fries are the best because after two uses the oil starts to get a greasy spoon character to it. I drain out any food from the first day of frying and then keep it in a jar with a lid. After the second time I toss it. She also says that they need to be fried twice and since I started doing this my family has commented on the fries being much crispier. The third thing is to use a baking potato not a boiling potato. So here is the recipe:
For 6 people
6-7 baking potatoes (peeled and trimmed on all sides and tops and bottoms to form a perfect rectangle)
2 1/2 quarts canola oil and a fry daddy or large cast iron kettle
newspapers and paper bags for draining
First I place the newspapers and paper bag on top of a pan and set to the right of the kettle
Then I prepare the potatoes, rinse off with water and dry off with a towel
Next I heat up the oil to 330 (this is for the first frying)
Now drop in 2 handfuls at a time and fry until soft and cooked through but not browned (2-3 minutes)
Remove and place on bag
Let these cool for 10 minutes or several hours
Now just before you are ready to eat them turn the oil up to 375-400
Place 2 handfuls in at a time and fry until golden (3-5 minutes)turning or tossing as needed
Place on bag and add salt immediately, serve them as soon as possible.

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