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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Ode to Kitchen Gadgetry:Stainless Steel Soap

~Blomus Stainless Steel Soap~
~My Nonna Cornaccio with my Great Uncle Angelo~
   I love my   Blomus Stainless Steel Soap for removing garlic, onion, or fish smells from my hands. My awesome Mother --who will be mentioned quite often in these gadgetry posts-- got me this little gem for Christmas last year and it really works! In the past I used the back of a spoon as my Mother had taught me to do and her grandmother, Nonna Cornaccio, had taught her to do as well. But now we have this cute little bar of stainless steel soap to do the trick.....I wonder what my Nonna would have thought of this? I can hear her now with her heavy Neapolitan accent, "Why do I need tis bar a steel???? Tis crazy American ting......I just use my spoon...oofahh!"

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rosita vargas said...

es increible los inventos muy original,abrazos.