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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasta Primavera

This Pasta Primavera contains: orange bell pepper, onion, carrot, artichoke, and brussels sprouts.

Pasta Primavera literally translate to Springtime Pasta and although the name is rather new, named by Sirio Maccioni, then owner of Le Cirque in 1974, it is something that Italian housewives have been conjuring up for centuries. The thing I love most about Pasta Primavera is that is so versatile and the fact that it can be made at the drop of a hat makes it only better. The other day we were all gathered at my son and daughter-in-law's home having a packing party when we started to get hungry. Now my son has been blessed in his marriage partner, not only is she godly, intelligent, and beautiful-- inside and out-- but she can cook!  So instead of stopping to order pizza she immediately  put on some pasta water. Then she looked around her kitchen and chose a few beautiful plump bell peppers along with an onion and started chopping, then she quickly sauteed them in some olive oil and garlic, tossed them together with the pasta and voilĂ  a nice lunch in under 20 minutes. The funny thing is she called it Poor Man's Pasta but I was excited to tell her that it was actually a real recipe used by Italian housewives for many many years who just happen to know a thing or two about making good food  from poor  ingredients.
Tyler & Gordon Minard: My son and his lovely bride.
1 pound pasta *(see note below)
3--6 garlic cloves minced
olive oil
1 pound vegetables of your choice
salt and pepper
Herbs- Fresh: basil, thyme, or parsley Dried: thyme or oregano
Grated Parmesan for topping
Choose your veggies and pasta you will be using.You want a bout a 50/50 ratio of vegetable to pasta.
Begin your pasta water and add a big handful of salt just as soon as it begins to boil.
As soon as you turn the water on to boil start heating up the olive oil and garlic in a large enough pan to hold all the pasta.
Now start chopping*NOTE: Chop the veggie similar in size and shape to the pasta you use, so long strips for spaghetti or fat chunks for penne etc.....or use any cut with any pasta you like : )
Add the veggies to the garlic/oil , add salt, pepper, herb, and cook over medium  heat until becoming soft and tender while the pasta cooks. If it looks like the veggies are  too hard cook covered for a few minutes.
Just before draning  the pasta remove a cup of the pasta water and set aside.
Add the drained pasta to the pan with the veggies, add 1/2 cup of the pasta water and start tossing over medium heat, if it is too dry add more water.
Serve with some more fresh chopped herb, olive oil, and grated Parmesan cheese.
 If you serve this with some Parmesan cheese, bread, and wine you have a complete dinner!

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Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Delicious! Sounds like you have a good daughter in law there :)