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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Lunch!

The highlight of the meal!

Baked ricotto gnocchi!

Bread sticks and bubbly pink moscato as a simple antipasto.

Bread sticks are simple but good.

My granddaughter gets her first taste of moscato... just kidding, it's Italian soda : ) along with daughter Danielle and son in law George.

Jessica (A fun, beautiful, godly, young lady) and her brother Jimmy (A kind hearted hard working young man with  friend Jessie a strong godly new Christian young lady. Our dear friends!

Ajay a cute, godly, servant hearted  man, we LOVE him!

My Beautiful granddaughter and sexy strong man of God!

 Me and Granddaughter : )

Danny & Nikki a sweet godly couple full of God's grace and joy in the midst of trials.

Bentley a precious young man!

Jimmy hugging my son in law : )

Marseille, Bentley, and Margaux: Future buddies : )

Jessica's GF Coconut cake!

Nikki's French Meringue Cake!

Jessica and Nikki chatting around the tavola!
My grandbaby girl and youngest son Ryan : )

baci baci

My lovely daughter Danielle and son Ryan

The tavola!

Table settings Easter style

My hubby's place setting : )

Mangia mangia!

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