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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Canarino (Italian Hot Lemon Drink)

Canarino, which means canary in Italian named so for its yellow color, is a simple little drink to have in the morning helping to kick start your day. My Dad used to peel the entire lemon in piece producing a long spiral of lemon peel which is whimsically magical and an ~oh so Italian~ way of having your morning lemon water!
Heat water to boiling.
Clean a lemon. If its organic just rinse but if it's not scrub it good to remove the waxy finish.
Peel the lemon in one long ribbon by working your way around the lemon, starting at the top, with a very sharp little knife. Trying not to get the pith (white part) which makes it bitter.
Place in a mug and pour the hot water over it.
As it steeps it will become yellow!
You can drink this by itself or add your favorite morning tea bag.


Brenda Christmas said...

A fun way to make me start the day with water!

Roby e Loris Feelcook said...

Ottima bevanda, in Italia si usa anche per digerire!
Good drink, in Italy it's also used to digest!