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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Ischian Lemon & Sea Salt Body & Face Scrub

This is my favorite scrub for dry, itchy, wintery skin and it is so cheap and easy to make. I make a quick batch just before showering, and it works just like that Trader Joes Lavender Version : )
While I was in  Ischia at a sea side resort, home of the famous giant size lemons and that lovely aperitif made from them: Limoncello;  they had lemon everything!  From drinks, to foods, to body treatments that made you feel so vibrant and fresh! The combination of the sea salt and olive oil also reminds me of the Mediterranean sea, and how I love recreating this Summer Time in The Mediterranean Experience  in the dreary cold days of winter.
1/4 cup Sea Salt
olive oil
lemon oil or fresh lemon juice
Just out about 1/4 cup in to a cup or bowl you can take in to the shower.
 Add a few drizzles olive oil, just enough to make it the consistency of wet sand.
Add a drop or two of lemon oil or a few squirts of lemon juice and stir.
In the shower I usually do my face first so I can see to the do the rest : ) gently rub on face, I carfeully do my eye lids as well, and then rinse off.
Now do the rest of your body and rinse. It will be very slightly stingy but in a good "I'm getting rid of all that dry skin" sort of way.
You may be a little red after wards just for a bit as you have quite literally removed a very thin layer of old dead  skin so I like to do this at night when I have no where to go.
I always end my shower in cold water all over for a second or two to close my pores.
Your skin will feel so luxuriously soft like you've been swimming in the Mediterranean and sipping Limoncello  all afternoon and all with ingredients from your very own La Buona Cucina!!

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