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Monday, March 17, 2008


Ready in 10 days!
~My Dad as a boy in Ischia~
Limoncello is a wonderful summer drink that will always remind me of the island of Ischia, Italy which is where my family has stayed every August since the early 1900's. August is when Italians take their month-long holidays – called “ferie”. When I was in Ischia  there were lemons the size of grapefruit all over and the while island seemed to smell of lemons! It is great all alone or mixed with some sparkling mineral water & a bit of sugar syrup. For more info on making your own Limoncello visit this : Limoncello Quest.
10 lemons (zest removed in strips- no pith- you will need a regular vegetable peeler for this)
1 bottle good vodka (750 ml)
3 ½ cups water
2 ½ cups sugar
Peel  your lemons with a vegetable peeler. Make sure to not get the white pith.
Place zest in a 2 qt. pitcher
Pour vodka over
Cover and steep (room temp) for 4 -45days! 4 days is enough but longer is better, we have found that 10 days is perfect. Keep in a dry cool place like the pantry and shake once a day.
Stir the sugar & water over medium heat until dissolved
Cool completely
Pour over lemon/vodka mixture
Strain zest out and transfer to bottles
Store in fridge or freezer
Serve cold in chilled shot glasses
Recipe By:  Giada De Laurentiis

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Ben | said...

There is nothing quite like Limoncello, especially on a summer day straight out of the freezer.

If you're interested in diving deeper on this subject, I have a blog devoted to it at

One suggestion here is to alter the water/sugar mix. This one has a lot of water relative to alcohol and if you use vodka, even 100 proof vodka, in this recipe and then put it in the freezer, it will likely freeze.