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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pizza Recipe

~Neapolitan Pizza Quattro~
Prize Winning Neapolitan Pizza Recipe
~Ann Minard~
I  got first prize from a Bolla Wine Pizza Contest for the Southeast region of America for this very recipe! This is as traditional Neapolitan pizza we can get without a brick oven! I give you 2 options: one for the summer with fresh ingredients and one for the winter with marinara sauce. This is for one pizza but you can easily double it. You may want to check this out first: Pizza 101

Ingredients (1 pizza)
1/2 master pizza dough recipe
6 ounces whole milk mozzarella shredded by hand (Don't by pre-shredded it is too dry)
1-2 slices provolone cheese torn into small pieces
Several leaves fresh basil
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
Olive oil
2 regular ladles full of marinara sauce
Pizza stone placed in oven to pre-heat on bottom rack ~OR~ a large pizza pan with little holes in it
parchment paper cut to fit pizza stone (if using stone)
Pre-heat oven (and stone if using) to 550
Place stone on bottom rack if you have a convection and are using the fan oven OR middle rack if regular or gas oven.
Remove the top rack or you may burn the tops of your hands and arms, ask me how I know this.
Spread dough on to the parchment with a small amount of flour or if using a pan place it on the counter with some flour.
Now simply spread out the dough using the dimple method (just use your fingers and hands kind of like you are giving it a massage) if you make a tear just pinch it back together. If the dough is shrinking back leave it alone for a few minutes and then come back.
Place the parchment onto  a paddle or the bottom of a cookie sheet. If using a pan place it directly on to the pan.
Spread sauce on along with some oregano
Add the  mozzarella and provolone and drizzle olive oil all over.
Slide the parchment onto the stone and bake for 4 minutes. This allows the dough to set.
 Now slide the parchment out and leave the pizza to bake on the stone until golden brown on top: Convection oven 4-5 more minutes/ Regular or Gas Oven 7-10 more minutes
If using a pan and not a stone simply bake for the entire time at once.
You can add some fresh torn basil leaves on top of the pizza when finished. 
Recipe By: Ann Minard

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