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Monday, March 3, 2008

Reheating Bread

Reheating Bread

In order to reheat homemade hearth or Italian Bread simply follow these basic rules:

Place bread in paper bag (I save some from grocery shopping just for this purpose)

Spray the bag with water pretty liberally but do not soak

Place on pan in oven at 350 for a few minutes (maybe 5-10) but do not “rebake” the bread!

Serve warm and enjoy!

1 comment:

Roy said...

OMG. THANK YOU. I'm a guy who knows nothing about cooking and the last time I tried to buy some premade Italian Bread and heat it up in the oven it came out all burnt. I've just spent over 30 minutes searching for what temperature and for how long to heat it for. So anyways, thanks for this post...

...though I'm going to pass on the paper bag thing. Somehow sticking paper in the oven just seems like a recipe for disaster for someone of my dubious skills. ;)