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Monday, August 24, 2009

Boneless Pork Chops Milanese

My family used to eat our pork, fish, lamb, and even beef this way, Milanese style, and it's still my favorite! You really can't go wrong just as long as you pound them thin and don't over cook.

Ingredients & Tools
3 pie pans
Italian style bread crumbs 2 cups
2 eggs beaten
2 cups all purpose flour
salt & pepper
6 boneless pork chops: pounded thin between 2 plastic wrap sheets
olive oil
2 lemons cut into 6 lemon wedges each
After pounding the pork chops (This is the secret to great Milanese style meat: pounding it very thin and if it doesn't want to get thin enough just let them sit out and come to room temp) then dry them very well with a paper towel.
Salt and pepper each side generously.
In the 3 pie pans: place the four in one, the eggs in the other, and the bread crumbs in the final one. Line them up in this order.
Dip the chops one at a time in the flour, then egg, and lastly in the bread crumbs making sure to allow any excess to drip or drop off in between dips and patting the flour and bread crumbs into the meat. Set these on a tray while heating up oil.
Heat up pan with an inch of oil on medium high heat.
 Fry about 3-4 at a time making sure to not overcrowd the pan for about 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown and when cut into no longer pink. Transfer to a tray or cookie sheet with paper towels to drain.
Serve with lemon wedges!

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