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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nana's Matzo Brei

~Trader Joes Matzo Crackers~
This is my Nana's recipe for Matzo Brei (rhymes with fry), which is basically scrambled eggs with matzo crackers. I remember making this with her when she was living with us as an afternoon snack. Both kids and adults love this dish and it can be eaten for breakfast, as an afternoon snack, and either sweet or savory. I grew up in Charleston, SC where there is a large Jewish population-- good food is always found in and near a large Jewish population-- But once we moved to Greenville, SC it was hard to find Matzo crackers that was until  Trader Joes came along and now I can have my Nana's Matza Brei anytime I want it!

(For one person)

1 matzo cracker
2 medium eggs
~My Nana~
1-2 tablespoons butter (The more butter the better!)
salt to taste
Run the whole matzo cracker under gently running cool water, it should be moist not soaked. Break into small pieces into a bowl, add the eggs, salt, and mix well. Mixture will be a bit dry and appear not to hold together. Add butter to a large heated skillet and melt until the foam starts to die down. Dump matzo and egg mixture into skillet and scramble cooking over medium high heat about 3 minutes. This can be eaten as is or as a sweet snack with some sugar sprinkled on top!

                                                 ~Mom's Matzo After School Snack~  
So simple yet so good!
Now here is an even quicker Matzo treat that my Mom used to make for my sisters and me usually as an after school snack. You take 1 matzo cracker and some salted butter that has been allowed to soften up just a bit. Spread it all over the cracker carefully. If you only have unsalted butter then shake a bit of salt on top of the cracker after you have buttered it. Or if your kids like sweet sprinkle some sugar on top.This sounds so simple but it is so good.....believe I am covered in Matzo crumbs as I type this recipe up!

Nutella Matzo
And of course as a lover of Nutella I like it slathered on top of...well anything : ) For this I like to break the matzo up into 4  shards and make 2 little sandwiches with nutella in between!

I also found these 2 recipes that look really tasty!

Matzo Brittle Recipe
Matzo Smores


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I LOVE matzo brei. There is something so good about something so simple. Matzos are available pretty much year-round in my area because the Jewish population is huge, but when I was growing up I remember my Italian family loving to buy boxes of them at Passover time as a changeup for snacking. I always loved eating them topped with butter. I made this for dinner last year for my Jewish huband and he loved the way it brought him back to childhood.

I sometimes make matzo balls this time of year so whenever I make a whole chicken, I reserve the fat and freeze it. Frying your matzo brei in schmaltz just takes it right over the top! You must try it!

Ann Minard said...

In schmaltz? Sounds very interesting, will try. Did you just save the fat from a chicken or did you buy it?