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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sfogliatella Riccia

~Sfogliatella Riccia~

My Dad ~in the middle~ with some friends and a sfogilatella filled belly in Italy.
Sfogliatella Riccia (means: many leaves/layers) & (pronouced: sfowliatella reecha) is a famous pastry from Naples, Italy and is my Dad's  favorite Italian sweet which he fills up on when visiting family in Italy. It is a most delicious pastry with a ricotta filling and a very crispy flaky dough. I really want to learn how make these and surprise him with one when he comes to visit, partly because I'm such a great daughter but mostly because he said it couldn't be done, "It's just not somting you make at home, save it fo the experrrts...uh?" And so of course this only encouraged me to become  a sfogliatella experrrt!
Here is the recipe I plan on using: Sfogliatella Riccia Recipe I will keep you posted......wish me luck!


jennylynn said...

Good luck!! Can't wait to hear about your progress! And one day when I can have dairy again I hope to try one...they look soo yummy! :)

Italian Fine Arts said...

It's good to learn Italian stuff, specially about their food. Pasta is one and there's bread, so it's really cool.