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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Baba's on  display in Milan, Italy.
Photo courtesy of Picasa.
Okay so first of all these are not my baba's seen above, they are some from a shop in Milan , Italy and they are just like the ones I fell in love with in Italy's Pasticceria. I remember walking into my first Pasticceria--Pastry Shop-- and thinking I'd died and gone to heaven, the sights and smells were absolutely extraordinary. And if any of you have been following my blog for a while you have probably noticed my fondness for Baba's. It all started with the movie: Babbette's Feast . Immediately after watching this superb movie I baked up  a large Baba in a basic bundt pan very much like Babette's and soaked it in rum....delicious!
Then I traveled to Italy and ate these small Baba's soaked in your choice of not only Rum but many other liqueur options such as Limoncello and Amaretto as well and I kind of fell in love all over again. So after I came home I tried to make some in a cupcake pan and soaked them in Limoncello, my now new favorite, but they still didn't have that beautiful puffy top : ( You may ask, so why not just buy some molds, well they run for about $3 per cup! But then I found this silicon mold set sold on Amazon and as soon as I had an extra $15 ordered them, I got them in the mail yesterday..... I have nothing on the is a dark rainy day........looks like a Baba kind of day to me.

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