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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eggs in Purgatory (Uova in Purgatoria)

 I remember thinking to myself, "Purgatory couldn't be so bad if it has food like this in it.".... right? Well, whether you believe in Purgatory or not you will love this simple Southern Italian dish made in the style of Cucina Povera (Poor Kitchen) where the taste is anything but poor due to the fact that the eggs are poached in a rich red marinara sauce! I can't even begin to describe the interesting flavor the combination of eggs, red sauce, and cheese has.
Some Italians, like my friend Rita, grew up eating this for Sunday lunch, it was cooked straight in the Sunday sauce pot to be eaten over a slice of Italian bread and then the sauce continued to cook for spaghetti later that same evening.

a shallow pot or deep pan with a lid or foil to cover
This egg was cooked for 5 minutes.
rosary beads...just kidding ; )
Marinara sauce
optional: Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes
crusty bread, polenta, or spaghetti to serve with
Heat your sauce to a simmer, crack your eggs one at a time into a cup and slide onto sauce, sprinkle on the cheese and red pepper flakes if you like, cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes.
3 Minutes makes them just set white and very runny yolks, 5 minutes makes them where the yolks are firmer but still a bit runny when pieced.
This is served on top of crusty toasted bread,  polenta, or even spaghetti! Italians are not afraid of mixing their foods together : )
Sophia Loren: the quintessential  Southern Italian girl, grew up on Cucina Povera like this recipe : )

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Ciao Chow Linda said...

Hi, I found you via Maria of Proud Italian Cook and am so glad I did. These eggs remind me of some inexpensive dinners I used to make when I was first married. But it's delicious even when you're not on a tight budget. Love the baba too in those little molds.