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Monday, March 5, 2012

Italian Orange Salad

This orange salad has naval oranges, tangerines, celery, parsley, and capers.

I love how Italians can make a delicious tasting salad out of just about anything in season and just as long as the produce is at it's peak it doesn't really need to require any fuss. So since it's just about the end of orange season (Peak Orange Season is the Winter months) I got my final box of tangerines form Costco the other day and they were just perfect, not too sweet or sour so I decided to make an Italian orange salad.  
Directions:  Dice your oranges cutting away the white pithy parts so you are only left with juicy pieces.
Then add a little chopped fresh parsley, olive oil and salt, black pepper if you like, then toss to coat. Since the oranges are naturally acidic you don't need any vinegar.
It is also traditional to add in some black Calamata olives, or some peeled (use a vegetable peeler to remove the stringy part) and sliced celery or fennel. Something I like to add in when I don't have any olives is a few capers!

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