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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pizza w/ Greens

My Daddy, Andrea Casolaro, as a little boy on the Isle of Ischia, Italy.
Sometimes my Dad used to take his salad, pile it on top of his pizza, fold it up lengthwise, and mangia-mangia. He explained to me that sometimes they served pizza like that in his home town of Naples, Italy.  I of course thought this ritual of his was ~so weird~ that was until I tried it myself and found out that it actually tasted pretty darn good. So if you are looking for a light warm weather meal, pizza with greens is the perfect thing with a nice chilled glass of  Pinot Grigio!

I like to start my Pizza Dough in the morning and then pull some already made Marinara Sauce from a previous night or from the freezer, and then get the toppings out: grated mozzarella, olive oil, Parmesan, & dried oregano. And if it's warm out I like to chill a bottle of crisp white wine, and I am ready to go.

 The greens are simple: take some mixed greens, I like a little bitter greens mixed in like arugula,  and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and 1 garlic clove crushed. Toss well and then pile on top of the piping  hot from the oven pizza, this will cause them to wilt ever so gently, which is good thing in this case. I do not like to use vinegar as I feel it competes too much with the sauce on the pizza but I do set out some vinegar on the table for those who prefer to eat their salad on the side......... to each his own or as the Italians say, " A ciascuno il suo."

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