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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love Nigella....and my new mezzaluna!

I love Nigella *sigh* and I am on a more than normal ~Nigella High~ at this time because my son Ryan got me a Nigella Mezzaluna for my birthday. When I use it I feel like she is in the kitchen with me whispering such wise and comforting words in my ear as.... " I don't believe in low fat cooking." Imagine simply refusing to believe in low- fat cooking, I love that woman. I am devoted to all things Nigella and I really enjoy collecting all of her many delightful cookbooks, faithfully watching her shows on Cooking Channel, and regularly visiting her website . But I have a confession....... I have actually only tried a few of her recipes and even though I really liked them I really did not like them as much as I like her. I have great respect for Nigella and her love of food and the fact that she enjoys all aspects of it; cooking it, talking about it, and eating it, and with such abandonment.  I adore how she says things like, "I really need this." as she adds some butter and cheese to some risotto. I have her biography and loved reading about how she chooses to life to the fullest, without fear, even though she has suffered many hardships, she lost three loved ones including her husband to cancer in a rather short period of time. I was recently at No Skinny Women's Blog,  reading a post by the creator of it explaining why it is he loves Nigella so very much.This is an excerpt from that post:
The best part of her show though is at the very end when the credits are rolling.  It always shows her in a silk robe in the dark, peering into the bright lights of her refrigerator to find the leftovers of what she cooked earlier.  She’ll find her treasure and take a bite right out of the bowl, then smile like someone has just given her a Tiffany diamond.
That smile says a lot too.  It’s not the kind of fake smile you see on all the other tv hosts – it’s a genuine smile of complete bliss.  It’s unbelievably satisfying to see that.

And so I leave you with a a few great Nigella Quotes.........

   “What I'm doing here is seeking to offer protection from life, solely through the means of potato, butter and cream... there are times when only mashed potato will do.”
"It's hard for me to think that things will go smoothly, but I am aware that it's not all about me and what I have lost."
 “It s easier to impress someone than to give them pleasure.”

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