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Monday, July 2, 2012

Caffe Freddo (iced Coffee)

 Caffe Freddo will always remind me of my Father! Growing up I was a Daddy's girl and one of our favorite things to do together was sip on iced coffees while we watched re-runs of Dirty Harry, Six Million Dollar Man, Baretta, and Kojak on the weekends. About halfway through the show my Dad would slip out and come back with iced coffees in these big bulky beer mugs he would keep in the freezer. Although the drink was slightly bitter for my young taste buds I drank it up like a milkshake because I liked the feeling of  impressing my Daddy with my grown up pallet! Forget a glass of coke or even iced tea because there is nothing like an icy cold glass of  syrupy bittersweet  “essence” of coffee on a hot day to hit the spot and help get you going.
My Daddy & Me!

Ingredients (Serves 2)
1/2 cup espresso or strongly brewed coffee- (This is a 2 cup espresso pot) 
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup ice cubes
OPTIONAL FOR LATTE VERSION: 1/4 cup half-&-half or milk or cream
OPTIONAL FOR FESTIVE VERSION: 1 tablespoon liqueur such as: Amaretto (almond), Frangelico (hazelnut), Godiva (chocolate), or Grand Marnier (orange)
First put some ice in a glass and place in freezer to chill while you are brewing the espresso.
Brew the espresso.
Right away pour the hot espresso into a heat proof glass (measuring cup) and add the sugar stirring or whisking to dissolve completely. Add a few ice cubes to chill.

Pour into the iced glasses.

You can serve it just like this (This was my dad's version) or  proceed to the next step for a creamy latte version!

Add the milk or cream and stir vigorously. Now is when you add the liqueur if you choose to use it.
Pour into  2 medium glasses ( Iced tea goblets are perfect) and serve just like this or with some whipped cream on top if you like!

Italian Notes:
In Italy they serve "caffè freddo," in their espresso bars but it is slightly different as it is straight espresso, sweetened, and kept in a freezer. Then it is served as an icy slush, similar to a granita only slushier!

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Kiandra said...

This looks delicious! I most definitely want to try it :)