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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vuoi un Caffè?

~ Caffe with a touch: Naples, Italy~

Caffe Gambrinus in Naples, Italy
My family was an espresso drinking family or as we called it caffe never espresso. I was taught how to make a perfect pot of caffe at a young age by my Neapolitan aunt, Zia Adele. In Naples, which is where my Father is from,  you can find an excellent cup of caffe on every corner. It always comes in a tiny cup, demitasse, and Italians drink it through out the day. Any home you visit in Naples, you will get the dutiful, "Vuoi un caffè?" or "You want an espresso?"  To which you will reply "Si!" because if you don't' you will be sorry. Neapolitans know how to make a great cup of caffe (tazza di caffe) so whether you are at the venerable Caffe Gambrunus or your Zia's humble home  you are guaranteed a great tazza di caffe.
Now that you are ready for your tazza di caffe there are a few choices you have:
 Caffe Lungo: long, or a double shot
 Caffe Ristretto: short, just a tablespoon.
 Caffe Macchiato: long with milk foam on top
 Caffe Cor'retto: Espresso with a shot of liqueur.
In my cousin's tazza di caffe in the photo above (I stole it off her facebook page) she had her barista add an extra touch, in this case it was a heart shaped cacao sprinkled on top of her caffee macchiato.
Click HERE If you want to learn how to make perfect Caffe

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