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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julia Child's 100th Birthday Celebration!

The Table!
We had a Julia themed dinner in honor of her 100th birthday this week at my house and I thought I would share some pictures! My daughter in-law made Julia's Baguette and Homemade Lady Fingers w/ Butter Rum Filling, it was divine! I used Julia's' Beef Bourguignonne recipe, I made a separate pot without onions and thyme for my daughter who is nursing, her little one has a sensitive tummy.Unfortunately I have no pictures of the main was completely devoured before I realized : )

First Course: Baguette w/ Brie, grapes, and figs (From our tree!)
Main Course: Beef Bourguignonne served over rice
Wine: Bourdeaux
Dessert: Lady Fingers w/ Butter Rum filling & French Pressed Coffee

~The First Course~

The wonderful Baguette my daughter in-law made!


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Susan Sene said...

How fun! I watched that movie Julie and Julia or something like that not too long ago. She seemed like a fun person, and of course a wonderful cook!