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Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 minute Minestrone!

10 minutes is all you need for my easy fast minestrone! I usually make this the day after a big Italian meal to lighten things up using the left over sauce which is always available in my fridge : )
2 small cans beans one white one dark (I like red kidney and cannelini)
large handful of greens (spinach or left over salad greens from night before)
1-2 large ladles full of left over tomato sauce
1 cup uncooked pasta (shells, ditolini, tortellini, or even broken up spaghetti)
4 cups of water and salt to taste
olive oil
red pepper flakes
Optional: lemon and Parmesan cheese for serving
Place 4 cups of water in a pot add salt to taste (literally just add and taste until it tastes salty).
Add the drained beans and tomato sauce and bring to a boil.
Add the pasta and cook until it is done (see package for time)
Add the red pepper flakes, olive oil, and torn up greens allowing them to wilt in the soup.
Squirt the juice of 1 lemon in soup, taste for salt and serve with Parmesan cheese.


Brenda Christmas said...

This is my kind of soup recipe, fast, easy, and served with cheese. :-D

Brenda Christmas said...

I've made this before and enjoyed it, but tonight I made this with black beans, white beans, and GL shell pasta made from corn, plus organic lemon juice. It was my first time to use GF pasta, and the minestrone still tastes good! Whew!