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Friday, March 13, 2015

Big Braciole!

Braciole,  also known as involtini "little bundles",  is a common main meat dish in many southern Italian homes and was always added to our Neapolitan Sunday sauce, also known as Suca or Sugo!  In the past I have always made individual braciole but I was recently having a large dinner party and decided to do 2 large large ones and it was so much easier. Not only that but it cut into perfect pinwheels for the serving platter! I'm not saying I will  never make small ones again but this may be by new "go to" braciole recipe. I have also recently omitted bread crumbs and just add more cheese since so many people are gf now a days and it really doesn't make any difference in flavor.
a large flat iron, skirt, flank, hanger etc.... or any big flat steak (4 people) I get a 2 pack at Costco
a lot of fresh herbs (I like a combo of parsley, basil, oregano, and sage sometimes I use a mixture of dried and fresh)
1 egg per steak
salt and lots of black pepper
1 cup fresh grated Parmesan per steak
1 garlic clove minced per steak
olive oil
dry wine and a cup of water for deglazing
 a pot of sauce
large toothpicks or cooking twine
First pound out your meat on both sides until very flat and tender (you'll get an arm workout for sure!)
Mix the chopped herbs with the beaten egg and salt and pepper if its not thick enough to hold its shape on the steak without running add more cheese.
Spread this mixture on the steak and roll up with the grain (roll with the grain so that when you cut its against the grain or else it may be tough, this is so important) very tight.
Now tie up tightly or add toothpicks making it very secure.
Heat up pan and coat your meat in olive oil, this works better than adding it to the pan. Now brown on both sides. Use a, little wine and or water to release the meat from pan so you don't tear it!
Add meat to sauce and cook at a very low simmer for at least 3 hours or more!
Remove and allow to rest 15 minutes. Remove twine or toothpicks. Slice into pinwheels, it should now be cutting against the grain since you rolled with the grain.
Serve on platter with sauce on the bottom and more on the side!

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